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The tide didn’t roll on Monday as Alabama feebly went down in the Rose Bowl against Michigan. My official GOTY record now moved to 1-6 (@HobokenGeorge on X) , which coincidentally is the next loss in the standings after lass year’s Michigan loss against TCU (Michigan threw 2 pick sixes, had 2 goal line failures (28 point swing) and STILL almost won the game). I would say I am surprised but as it is well documented, I am a bad, undisciplined gambler.

Leading up to the game, I thought with a month to prepare as an underdog, Nick Saban could have done literally anything: cure obscure disease, stop world war, prevent famine, find a solution for the incompetence of NJ Transit - let alone, beat MICHIGAN! I was dead wrong. They were totally outplayed in the first half and then just didn’t have enough spark in the second to score when they needed to or close it out . One thing I will say - the best unit of Alabummer was their special teams. That punter kept them in it the whole way. The offensive line play was putrid. Those men all look like future NY Giants (sorry, giants fans, it’s true.)

The #LANK movement was an interesting part of this game. I think it lead to more questions than answers though - Did Alabummer fans LET A Number4 KNOW he needs to have more than 125 pass yards to win the Rose bowl? But hey - please see above on commentary for o line - he couldn’t do anything.

Well the pain, suffering, and misery didn’t end there for me folks . If we’re going to do one thing in 2024 - can it be for us all to have some gambling etiquette please? As if the loss wasn’t painful enough, to be receiving texts saying #GoBlue from someone that has absolutely no affiliation to Michigan and was simply stirring the pot when a man has a GOTY on the line - it’s just too much folks and perhaps something we can attest to #Biden’sAmerica. DO BETTER !

Michigan will now play Washington on Monday for the national championship. I already know I’m laying the reverse line Washington -17.5 the only question at this point is: how many units?

Good luck and god bless to all in 2024!

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