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Thats My Quarterback: Jalen Hurts

What more must one man do? This week the Jalen Hurts conversation continued as 'analysts' and 'experts' continue to disrespect the quarterback. We all heard the clown Phil Simms claiming its "the easiest QB job in the NFL" or the casual Collin Parsch stating "at least 9 other QB's could've taken this Eagles team to Super Bowl". Take all this talk of 'product of the system' garbage and shove it where the sun doesn't shine--because thats my quarterback. From the way people talk, you'd think the guy flipping steaks at Dalessandro's could roll out of bed and do what Hurts has done. The offensive system is great, but the captain leading the ship is a large part of that.

I could hammer you with football stats but we've heard them all... so I'm taking a different approach. 46%. Thats the percent of men who believe they could land a commercial plane with only the help of air traffic control. These idiots are the same ones saying Kirk Cousins could've taken the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Imagine calling Sully Sullenberg 'a system pilot' after his emergency landing in the Hudson River. Someone achieves something never before seen saving hundreds of lives and if he were an athlete Skip Bayless would've credited it all to Boeing. Sometimes it looks like the Eagles offensive is on auto-pilot, methodically plotting down the field for score after score. But when things go awry, Jalen has to take the reins and make things happen just like Sully. Whether it's a safety blitz off the edge or a a flock of birds taking out both engines, both these guys adapt and perform when it matters most.

However, there's clear differences between Sully and Jalen. Sully saved hundreds of lives under pressure on that fateful day, while Jalen has performed consistently under pressure 18 times this year with the hopes of millions--not hundreds--on his shoulders.

Another example is the great Neil Armstrong. A man who conquered space, the final frontier. Do people praise him? No, they deny it all, saying he was following a script on a sound stage in Hollywood. Hmm, following a script sounds a lot like a lot of social media buzz about the NFL in recent weeks. Moon landing deniers and Jalen Hurts deniers are both equally delusional. Martin Scorsese couldn't write a script like this. A QB replaced in the National Championship, written off, transferred, second round pick to MVP finalist with the ultimate chance at redemption on sport's biggest stage. With Hurts' poise and composure tomorrow will seem like one small game for Hurts but one giant leap for Philadelphia and Hurts' legacy.

Far too often we choose hate over love, we see incredible feats and we want to tear people down. Sully, Armstrong, Hurts, denied their flowers from fans, co-workers, peers for far too long. They all block out the noise, achieve greatness all the same. The Hurts train is now leaving the station and this is your last chance to be on the right side of history--because after Sunday I don't want to hear all the praises from former haters. If you ask Jalen about the nay-sayers he'll reply its all distractions and he doesn't care because he's a consummate leader and winner. That's why I'm leading his army to defend him--he's my quarterback.

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